Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Diablo Loco" The Begining

Well its been a while so I figured it was time post something new. The big project Ive been working on for the last year and a half, is my senior project which is a 3D animated short film called "Diablo Loco". The story revolves around a bull fight with a world famous matador named Caeser Belmonte, and an unpredictable bull named Diablo Loco. This is my big project that will make me and my fellow workhorses rich and famous! Well maybe not rich and famouse but hopefully lead to our first animation jobs. Ive had the idea for a long time, but needed a fellow student with promising talent to help me along the way. My good friend Stuart Hallock came on board with lots of enthusiasm for the project. We started with the over all story concept and began working out the story and script. During this process we also were coming up with concept designs for the 4 charecters. By the end of the Spring semester last year we had our working first draft of a script and rough charecter designs. Stuart has been a great asset to the project as he and I have worked on every aspect of the film-making process. As co-directors, Stuart and I supervised other talents that have lended their help and we will also be the primary animators on the film. So first off Ill show some of the concept drawing I did. These are some of the preliminary roughs which led to our finished design of the matador. Ill continue to post more showing the progression of the film along with other artists contributions. Enjoy.