Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Official Movie Poster

Well after 3 years of hard work, lost sleep, hair ripped out of scalps and flirting with insanity, we finished our film last year and have been submitting it to multiple film festivals. It felt fantastic to have finally finished something we put so much into. We were accepted as an official selection of the Santa Cruz Film Festival which was held in May 2011! Stuart and I attended the screening with friends and family which was awsome. We were in a short film catagory with 14 other films for rising star upcoming film makers. After the screening they had all the film makers who were in attendance to come to the front for a Q/A pannel and to talk about our films which was pretty cool. After the screening we were told by many people that they thought our film was one of the best shown and one of the most professional looking pieces!!! It felt great to be accepted to the festival and even better to be considered one of the top films in our catagory. Ill post the trailer for our film soon so stay tuned!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Well then, I took a couple years off the blogging scene because the Blogger server crashed or something and lost all my images on all my posts, and since this was an art blog I got a bit frustrated and swore the whole thing off. Well Here I am again, giving it another shot, tho Im sure no one is paying attention anymore. I am trying to relink all my images from my previous posts and continue forward.

So... as a preliminary "Im Back" post, here are a few drawings I did as character designs for my brother Rhetts story project. I hope you like em and look forward to posting more soon.