Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diablo & Belmonte Models

Well here we are back again. The next stage of the film makeing process after the script, character designs and the storyboards are done is to have the modelers take the designs and model the characters in 3D. Here are our finished models of our 2 main characters. First is our fearless matador Ceasar Belmonte which was modeled by our friend Jillian LeNoble. She did a fantastic job. I did a bit of touch up modeling on him to get it just the way I wanted and we love how he came out!

Next is our big Dumb Bull, Diablo Loco. He was modeled by Mike Roberts who is actually the schools modeling teacher! He thought it would be fun to model our funny looking bull so he gladly took on the challenge which we totally apreciated. He also came out great. Thanks Mike!

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