Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pancho & Villa

The next 2 characters that were in our story were the 2 bull hands named Pancho and Villa. Unfortunately late in the game they found themselves on the cutting room floor. After a lot of effort was spent to develop, model, rig, weight paint and start the facial blendshapes, they ended up getting cut from the story. The story itself was still to long and in an attempt to shorten the film to a more realistic time frame their scenes had to go. With the help of Jeff Jackson and Dave Perry, the storyboarding and 2D animation teachers, we were able to trim the story down to its essential elements. Unfortunately that meant letting go of 2 lovable characters who shared some of our favorite parts of the original story. Our friend Cassia Harries modeled Villa for us with my help in the touch up department, and my co-director Stuart Hallock worked tirelessly modeling Pancho, and we cant forget my good friend Joe Giambrone who also did some final touch up modeling on all our charecters too. It was hard after the time we spent on them but hopefully they will return in a story of their own some day! So here are some preliminary designs and our models. Now a moment of silence for our lost heroes....

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Jeff Jackson said...

These two fellows definitely got the short end of the stick but that's Hollywood folks. I can't wait to see what you do with these guys. The 10 second club beckons. This is going to be a great short Heath. It's fantastic that you mentioned such a talented group of folks working to make your project what it will be. Stuart, Cassia, and Joe should all be very proud of their work even if the characters get cut. You could try to animate to this bit:
Two Australian Comedians spoof politicians. How great would it be to see Pancho and Villa animated to this skit?